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NJ Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is method of driving that involves anticipating the actions of others in an attempt to avoid any possible collisions. This style of driving is designed to keep the driver aware of all potential hazards and to anticipate the actions of other drivers around them. By driving defensively you may avoid be a statistic. The greater the population and the heavier the traffic the more potential there is more accidents. NJ defensive driving provides information about staying alert and prepared on some of the busiest roads in the country.

New Jersey has some of the highest insurance rates in the country. The average premium for auto insurance in New Jersey is higher than any other state. These high premiums are partly as a result of the hazards that exist on the states roads. The fact that New Jersey has the highest population per square mile means that the roads are more populated with traffic as well.

The high population means that there are more drivers and consequently more cars sharing the roads. When you have this much traffic it there is a high likelihood that the potential for traffic accidents is greatly increased as well. The greater the increase in potential accidents the higher the premiums is for the average auto insurance policy.

All of this adds up to a need for drivers to be prepared for any circumstances on the road. NJ defensive driving provides educational information on driving safely on some of the busiest roads in the country. New Jersey is one the states that provides state funded instruction on defensive driving.

If you are in the state of New Jersey and you are cited with a traffic violation or are the victim of an accident you may be required to take a state sanctioned defensive driving course. This course can also help you reduced your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies provide discounts if you take a defensive driving course.

In a state that has highways and city streets as populated as those of New Jersey, knowing to drive defensively is definitely a good idea. The principles to defensive driving are centered on the idea of being prepared for unforeseeable circumstances. While not every circumstance can possibly be avoided, NJ defensive driving will educate you on how to be prepared for as much as possible.

The term defensive driving may imply that you are out on the roads being defensive. In the area of sports, such as on the football field, the term defensive implies attacking the enemy before they attack you. This is not the idea of defensive driving. Defensive driving is actually the idea of avoiding confrontations, not causing them.

There are various resources available that will help you become a better driver. Besides the state run NJ defensive driving course, there are other ways of being informed about being a better driver. The internet has affected everything we do and it is a great source of information on any subject. There are numerous sights that provide information on learning to be a better defensive driver.

One such website is the website. This site is set up as a forum and provides ability to blog with other drivers all over the country. This blog provides open discussions on how to handle different situations on the road. There is also discussion about many other subjects that pertain to driving, such as how to save money on insurance.

Many of the aspects of defensive driving pertain to common sense. The truth is that not all the drivers on the road exercise basic common sense driving practices or do they necessarily consider the other drivers on the road. It is these drivers that are not considering those around them or those drivers that are driving recklessly that you are defending yourself from.

Some of the basic defensive driving practices that you should follow include a safe following distance. Since you cannot always see what the driver in front of you sees, it is a good idea to give them plenty of room. If you are following too closely and the driver in front of you suddenly stops or slows down, regardless of the reason, you may collide into them.

This type of accident and others can be avoided if you practice defensive driving techniques. NJ defensive driving courses can help you learn to be safe, even while driving on some of the most dangerous roads in the country. Websites like can put you in touch with other drivers that also appreciate the idea of defensive driving.

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