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New York Defensive Driving

New York is a busy place to drive and it can be extremely dangerous for the faint of heart. Besides taking public transportation, the best way to avoid a lot of accidents in the city is by taking a Driving Course. For a little over 30 dollars, a DMV approved course can be taken that will lower insurance costs and remove points on your driving record. This 30 dollar course is offered online, so the class can be taken from the comfort of home. Continue below so we can tell you more...

The online defensive driving course is also known as an accident prevention class. The New York DMV uses it as part of their IPIRP. This program is perfect for teaching motorists, no matter how seasoned a driver, all about the hazards associated with driving. It will teach different driving strategies that should minimize the amount of risks involved with driving in New York and any other state as well.

Techniques on how to avoid accidents and even prevent them from happening is also part of this defensive driving program. Classes were usually taught in a classroom and have only recently been approved by the DMV to be taught online. Most classroom defensive driving courses take four hours of your time to complete. An online course is much cheaper and varies in the amount of time. You are able to study when needed and take the course whenever you are able to.

A defensive driving course that requires a classroom is also often held at specific times of the day and on designated days. By taking the course online, the times are completely flexible. It also doesn't matter if the internet capabilities are dial-up or a broadband connection. This class can be taken with either of these connections. It doesn't have to be taken on the same computer each time as well; a class can be attended using any computer available.

The best part is that there is live support offered every day of the week and all hours of the day, which is perfect since you never know when a technical problem will arise. Once the course has been completed, there is the guarantee that a ten percent reduction will be provided on your liability, collision, and no-fault insurance costs for three whole years. Taking this course every three years will ensure that the discount is maintained on the insurance premium.

A four point reduction will even be made to your driving record. The only way there can be a point deduction is if the points were added onto your license within eighteen months of completing the course. Any points added before or after this eighteen month period don't qualify for the reduction. This reduction actually means that the Department of Motor Vehicles won't count four points on the driving record to go towards the suspension or revocation of your driver's license.

There also isn't a final exam to take once the course is completely finished. The benefits are many and the class is made to accommodate just about anyone who needs to take it. Taking a defensive driving course is much better than getting a ticket, when there is a choice between the two. After the course has been completed, all the paperwork is taken care of. The Department of Motor Vehicles is notified once the class has been completed, allowing for points to be deducted immediately.

There are many New York websites that promote online defensive driving courses. The registration for the course is simple. First you will need to select the county where you reside. Once this has been entered, then you will be prompted for a full name, address, telephone, and an email address. The email address is where the password for the course will be sent, as well as the receipt for payment of this defensive driving course. There will also be an option at the end of class to see your driving record.

Taking a New York Defensive Driving Course is much better than getting a ticket. The hours required to take it are also so flexible that it makes it easy to take it at a leisurely pace. With a password to log onto the site, the class time is as long or short as you make it. Being able to take it from any computer also enables people to travel when needed, but still complete their defensive driving course. This class is an essential part to being able to drive in New York with little difficulty and risk.

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