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Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving or road rage is becoming a legal term recently and looks like it soon will compete with reckless driving in courts and become equally meaningless in real life. While I really do not see any ground for turning this term into legal, because it is too vague and hardly objective, they managed to do this with its older brother.

Aside from legal issues, aggressive driving is just this, driving aggressively. Much like generally behaving aggressively, it is characterized by the lack of respect for others and desire of offending others in order to relieve some internal stress. Aggressive driver honks, flashes, cuts in font of others, blocks their way, etc. he/she does all sorts of offensive behaviors towards his fellow drivers. Blocking a free flow of traffic in any way (like staying in the passing lane and not letting other drivers to pass) is also considered an aggressive driving by many road safety experts.

This kind of behavior usually triggers similar response from other drivers, causing chain reaction of dangerous moves, that often ends in an accident and/or fight and shooting. Best response to aggressive driving is just letting it go literally. You are not a law enforcement officer, so just yield to aggressive driver and let him run away you will be much safer this way.

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