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The Hottest Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts, Sprockets, and Chains

So you just purchased that sweet new bike. You are probably thinking you are ready to hit the road. You have your helmet, your license, your license plate, and you probably even have your insurance. What more could you need right? Anyone can pick up a stock motorcycle but if you really want to turn heads, it is necessary to consider customization. Specifically exhaust, sprockets, and chains.


Perhaps your new ride doesn't have that sound you were expecting. It is possible to finely tune the exhaust sound by changing out the exhaust system with an after market product like the Akrapovic Titanium header exhaust system for street bikes or the SuperTrapp Internal Disc exhaust system for cruiser bikes.

Sprockets and Chains

These two items should be purchased together due to the fact that they are in direct contact with each other. The primary factor in choosing which one to buy is knowing what you want out of your bike. If performance is what you are looking for, Regina Conversion Kits are a nice choice. The sprocket sizes directly affect the performance of the bike. If you want more acceleration and are willing to forfeit top speed, going with a larger sprocket like the RK Quick Acceleration Kit is a great choice. Want top speed while losing acceleration? Go with a small sprocket like the RC Components Patter Sport bike sprocket is where you want to look.

It's not important that you have specific aftermarket products. What is important is that you customize your bike to fit your own desires for what you think your bike should look like, and more importantly, how it should ride.

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Published on: 2012-03-29 (5039 reads)

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·Thought driving on Manhattan is nuts? Think again.
·This is some nice winter driving
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