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Joined: May 02, 2011
Posts: 24
Location: USA

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 3:21 am Reply with quote Back to top


Here I would like to share some useful tips on car driving safety tips. I hope you all like it.

1. Do not get upset when you encounter a hostile driver.
2. Beware of falling asleep at the wheel
3. Keep your mind as well as your eyes exclusively on driving.
4. While driving, don't put on makeup, text message, chat on the cell phone, or eat a meal.
5. Don't drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
6. Wear your seat belts. This cannot be emphasized enough.
7. Adjust your speed to coincide with weather and traffic conditions.
8. Beware of falling asleep at the wheel.
9. Avoid the far left lane except when you need to pass another car
10.Drivers who like to drive fast usually remain in this lane; insurance company representatives call it the 'death lane.
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Master Driver

Joined: Mar 27, 2010
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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 6:37 am Reply with quote Back to top

Very well written. I've noticed the subject of falling asleep at the wheel has came up twice (2 and 8 ), but it's good because it's a very important subject. About 6, it's important not just to wear the seatbelts, but to make sure everybody wears them, and that the seatbelts are worn and used properly. A badly worn seatbelt is just as bad as no seatbelt. This includes:

- Unbelted passengers in general: Will suffer from damage at a speed of 7km/h! Will be in mortal danger at any speed above 25km/h. Can be disludged out of the car, hit it's inside, hit the airbags as they still inflate, or hit other passengers.

- Seatbelt on the shoulder: Tends to slip off and allow the upper body to rotate and go too far forward, resulting in injuries to the chest, shoulders, upper spine, neck and head. The belt will also interfere with turning the wheel and break some of your ribs in a crash.

- Seatbelt on the arm: Same, with the addition of cuts and lacerantions by the seatbelt on the arm.

- Seatbelt in arm-pit: The seatbelt will in fact function almost normally, but with severly cut at the armpit and might dissect the arm.

- Seatbelt on collar bone: Will function almost normally, but likely to cause calvicular fractures and maybe neck lacerations.

- Seatbelt chafting against the neck: Too much upper body rotation and deep cuts to the neck.

- Lapbelt on abdomen (too high): Internal abdominal injuries, particularly at the spleen, and increased likelihood of "submarining" where the plevic slips under the belt, resulting in injuries to the lower body and neck.

- Two people in one seatbelt: Both passengers will clash against each other. If it's a baby and his parent, the baby will be crushed between the belt and the parent's body.

- Child in normal seatbelt instead of safety seat: Neck lacerations, fracture in the upper cervical vertebra, broken bones in the plevic, chest, tailbone and shoulders, internal injuries.

- Child is a badly harnessed safety seat: Will be disludged with the seat and hurt himself and other passengers mortally. Injuries include broken ribs, pelvic, chest, back and head trauma.

- Passenger in the back without seatbelt: Depending on height, will injure his neck, chest or head. Will be thrown against the passenger in front, increasing chance of fatality to the front passenger (even if buckled!) by three times!

- Head restraint adjusted too low: Whiplash with the addition of pressure on the vascular vertebrae, which might be strong enough to break your neck.

- Head restraint adjusted too far: Severe whiplash.

- Too close to airbag: In under 24cm, driver or passenger will suffer from face lacerations, broken glasses, broken sternum, ribs and jaws; hands will be thrown against the face or windows, potential for mortal danger for drivers who sit very close to the wheel or for babies in the front passenger seat.

- Passenger in the trunk of a truck/van: Will be injuried in every possible bone and organ, much like someone who is not wearing a seatbelt in the front seat!

- Seat too reclined: Pelvic will submarine under the lapbelt, causing abodminal injuries, neck lacerations, shoulder injuries as they are rocked sideways. Head and neck injures, and likelihood of fractures in the arms and legs, and possibly in the shoulders and pelvic too.

- Seat too high: The airbag will not work as effectivelly. The head will be in danger of clashing against the inside of the car: Door frames, windshield frame. The knees could hit the underdash. The dangers are increased when a convex mirror is installed or when the visor is opened half-way, angeled towards the forehead. Seating too low will also cause the airbag to lose efficiency.

- Back unsupported by seat: Parts of the back, either lower back or upper back, which are leaned forward, risk you in back injuries and reduce the effectiveness of the seatbelt.

- Pets that are not harnessed: Can jump out of the window. In a collision, will be hurt and will hurt the passengers they will be thrown against. There are special animal harnesses that can be latched unto the belt's mounting.

- Insecured objects in the car: Luggage in the rear shelf will turn into projectiles. Heavy items can even break from the trunk and through the rear seats, unless carefully placed, loose belts can whip passengers, glass shards be disludged from aftermarket convex mirrors which are not made of tempered glass. Things in the proximity of the passenger's airbag be thrown at the passengers. An object that weighs 1kg will multiply it's weight to about 35kg, in a collision at 30mph (by a very conservative estimation).
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